5 Things to consider when choosing your lash brand.

More and more clients are using lash extensions as a semi permanent time-saver to make themselves look presentable. They have become an essential for so many! This is why it’s so important to style each client as a onesie fits all method doesn’t work if you want to stand out from the crowd as a true professional!

1.Choose the right curl for your client.

After choosing the correct length of lash for your client you must study the eyeshadow to determine the curl..The curl determines the overall look. You can choose from a J B C CC D DD L M curl Each client will have a different shape eye and different curl lash so one size will not fit all..

2 choosing the right lash weight for your client

To choose the correct thickness of lashes you must evaluate your clients natural lashes.. This will determine what type of lashes you can use safely. Choosing the incorrect weight of lash can result in poor retention and it may damage natural lashes.

3.Choosing a complimentary length for your client.

When you consult with your client you can determine the look they wish to have! However it’s your job as a professional to reccomend a different length if you think the length they desire is unsuitable or may damage their lashes in any way.. You are the professional clients will thank you in the long run ..

4.Coloured lashes

Rainbow lashes are becoming more popular.. Coloured mascar has bee n Round for years, coloured lashes can provide a playful pop to excentuate the natural colour of your eyes..

5.Overall look of lashes.

Some clients instantly know the look they are going for while others leave it in the professionals hands to decide the best look for them.. Study your client with their eyes open lash map on their lid with a tiny pen dot that you can safely remove and transfer to a lash pad when they close their eyes . Listen to the words they use, natural, dramatic ask them if they wear make up on a daily basis and if they wear glasses these types of questions will help you choose the correct lash and style for your client..

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