Choosing the best prices for your services

Choosing the best prices for your services

The power of social media has made it easier than ever to find a fabulous lash technician! When you display your work and prices online it’s important to be as transparent as possible. Your client should see your skill (no photos hope on your lash work) They should also be able to see that you are fully insured and work with quality products and you should never pass other peoples work as your own! This is misleading and bad practice.. A client should be able to ask these questions and its your responsibility as a professional to be able to confirm a “yes” to every point below.. Do they provide an Aftercare service if needed?
  • Do they serialise all products?
  • Do they care about the health and safety of your natural lashes?
  • Do they provide patch testing?
  • Do they provide full consultations prior to your treatment and understand your needs?
  • Do they have one particular style or are they capable of styling each individual?
  • Price does not determine anything in the lash world. Price could be relative to the following reasons –
  • The area in which you work.
  • If your working from a home salon or commercial property.
  • The hours you work.
  • Your skill level.
  • The products you use.
  • The overheads you have .
  • Does your therapist have insurance.
  • Eyes are very sensitive and its important to make sure your in good capable hands .
  • It is very important that you tell / or show your clients exactly what service they will receive on your socials and exactly what insurance cover you have and its equally as important that you use products that hold safety certs.
So after considering all of these points you could check roughly what other lash techs in your area are changing and place yourself within that bracket according to your skill..

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