How to choose your lash trainer

How to choose your lash trainer 

So you want to become a lash stylist or upgrade your current skills ? How do you know If courses are legitimate? How do you know you will be receiving the best value for your money A great lash course will outline their curriculum pubically so you can see exactly what will be covered in your course ahead of time. You should be learning about the Anatomy of eyelashes lash growth cycles and extension application… You should have demonstrations on live models to help you become confident with foundation topics .. Great training will also touch base on topics such as Running a business, running a column, client etiquette conducting lash refills and safe removals advanced application methods tips and tricks .. Most of all you should know exactly what you’ll be getting before you pay a deposit. A great training course will work around your needs and skill level. Have you already trained but need support in specific areas?? Your trainer should take time to ask questions to find our what is causing your struggle and suggest ways in which you can rectify problems and perfect your skill.. One of the most important components of a course is your live model … Lashing relies on motor skills that can be learned from someone being able to adjust your positioning or pressure on your clients forehead etc.. Reasons to become a lash Tech
  • Becoming a lash tech allows you to set your own rate of pay, your own work hours and most of all you can create a good healthy work life balance.
  • Before you reach for the stars you must ensure you have put the correct foundations in to achieve your goals..
  • Putting your best foot forward from the beginning is key to success in the beauty industry… Choose quantity trainers and quality products..
  • Make sure you train with a company that provides high quality materials ask for information on the kit and the brand. Dont settle for an instructor that pulls a kit together haphazardly from different vendors, always make sure you have access to your kit supplier incase you have usage or manufacturing questions

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How to choose your lash trainer  So you want to become a lash stylist or upgrade your current skills ? How do you know If courses