If you are looking to get the best out of your spray tan, or maybe you are a newbie to this, we have created a fool-proof guide to getting a spray which will leave you with a long-lasting, even glow all over… and who doesn’t want that eh?

The secret behind any good spray tan is the preparation. Yes the product must be carefully selected too, but if there is a solid foundation to work from then you are off to a fantastic start.

Finding a salon that is suited to your needs is essential. Research the best salon near you which stocks Bellamianta – head to our stockist page to find your nearest stockist. We would recommend (and more than likely your salon would too) getting a patch test before your spray tan.

The most important step is to exfoliate. Try do this a couple of days before your tan, or better yet, once a week, for even smoother skin! Although you might not be able to see your dry skin, we do all have it, usually in places like our ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and our neck. Exfoliating blasts away the dry skin cells and leaves behind a fresh new layer for our tan to soak into easily. We’d recommend using a combination of our new Triple Action Glycolic Scrub, and our Luxury Exfoliating Mitt.

Be it waxing or shaving, we want the skin to feel fresh with no irritation. After hair removal, give yourself at least a full night’s sleep before tanning, 24hours for even better results.

Hydrated skin is your spray tans best friend. Moisturising your body (with an oil free formula) the day before your tan is a great way to prolong your tan. Make sure not to moisturise the morning of your spray though, we need it to be fully soaked in before the spray tan layer goes down. You can apply a small, pea-sized, amount to those extra dry places we mentioned earlier if you think they need it.

Nothing ruins a fresh spray tan quite like a tight pair of jeans going straight onto your legs. Steer clear of bras, tight underwear and socks, they are a huge no no! Grab a pair of loose tracksuit bottoms, an old dark T and your trusty old pool flip flops.

Bellamianta offers two professional spray tan solutions, Rapid Tan and Intense Dark. Both of which are quick drying, transfer and water resistant, and have that golden olive tone. Having the conversation with your therapist about your desired tone/shade is important. They will then be able to choose the best product for you and give you advise on when is best to wash it off.

You might notice a lot of residue colour leaving you in the shower, don’t panic, this is just the guide colour used in our products to see where tan has/hasn’t been placed. You will still have a beautiful, flawless colour after your shower and for days to come.

There you have it, you are now ready to get your stress-free spray tan. We love hearing your tips and tricks to tanning, so be sure to tag us in on Instagram @bellamianta with any more you may have!

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