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"The only place I have or ever will go for my lashes, the best! The salon is spotless, service incredible and the staff are so professional with an amazing personal touch!"

Linda White


Welcome to blink lash brow and beauty bar,
lash extensions are our passion .
We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to lash extensions.
Each set of lashes are bespoke to the wearer to compliment their eye shape and enhance their natural beauty .
Weather your looking for natural look lashes or dramatic long lashes with lots of volume we can help you choose the right style.



We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

lash extensions can damage your own lashes if they are not applied correctly. at blink your lash health is our main concern. we measure your own lash and decide on the correct weights and lengths depending on the condition of your natural lash.
we ensure each lash extension is glued individually to each natural lash to limit breakage.

yes you do need a patch test 48hrs prior to your appointment.

lash extensions last up to 6 weeks if they are cared for.
most people come for lash refills every 3/4 weeks if they intend to keep their lash extensions on long term.if not they will gradually fall out until they are all gone.

classic mink lashes are where 1 lash extension is applied to every natural lash.
russian volume lashes where we apply 3,4,5 lashes to one natural lash.
these lashes are thinner and lighter in weight than mink lashes which allows us add more volume safely.#
hybird lashes are a mix between classic mink and volume lashes .

lash extensions should be cleaned with an oil free lash cleaner or eye make-up remover.
you can also let the water run through them in the shower..
keeping your lash line clean helps retension.
it washes away any natural oils that will break down glue bonds.
please do not use oil based products. this will cause premature fall out.
please dont be afraid to show us your skincare ingredients so we can advise if it contains oil.
please not rub or pull your lashes. this can cause them to break from the root causing damage or infection. we supply lash brushes to keep your lashes nice and tame!

of course.. if youd like to make any style or length changes to your lashes we can do this .sometimes people decide to go longer or shorter or add volume and this is absolutely no problem.

Yes all of our products are 100% animal cruelty free this is very important to us.#mink lashes are a brand and they are made from syntethic fibers.