The Ciao Brow Lash Lift Kit includes everything you need to carry out the perfect lash lift treatment.


Kit contains:

15ml Step 1 Lifting cream

15ml Step 2 Neutralising cream

15ml Step 3 Moisturising cream

Lash bonder

10 pairs of Lash pads

5 pairs of mixed shields ( 2 x sm 2 x med 1 x Lg )

3 Y combs

Lash lift and separation tool

50 Micro brushes

Treatment Times

Thinning or fine Lashes:  4-6 Mins

Medium Healthy Lashes: 6-8 Mins

Thick Coarse Lashes: 8-10 Mins

For professional use only

This product must only be applied by a trained therapist.

A patch test is required 24-48hrs prior

Please note a negative patch test does not guarantee that you will not be sensitive to this product.


120.00 inc VAT: 120.00