Under-Eye Pads

Blink Professional Deep curve pads are  thin but strong, with good adhesion and a superior lint-free surface. A combination of most artists’ requests and will be the perfect eye pad for most users.

Contains Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate & Sodium Carbomer.

Have you been searching for the best Eye Pad for eyelash extensions? So have we and the results are: There isn’t one single type of eye pad that suits everyone. Eyelash extension pads. Some like them fat and juicy, some like them thin and dry. Lots prefer the universal shape while others like the curved style. For a few it’s all about the price, for the rest it’s quality. Our solution is to offer you an informed choice so that you get what you want.

Our description is as honest and accurate as we can be, however we have noticed that opinions vary just as much as preference.

The pads can be trimmed with scissors to suit the client’s eye shape.

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